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Dancer’s unique animated footsteps enable beginners to easily learn the basic patterns of 14 popular dance styles. Simply hold your mobile device in your hand and follow the moving footsteps with your feet.

The 3 tempos of slow, medium and fast enable easy progression, while the Metronome beat and teacher Voiceover aids learning. Each footstep pattern is supported by a short video clip demonstration requiring absolutely NO further downloads.

    The 14 Dance Styles:
  • Disco
  • Rock‘n’Roll
  • Jive
  • Salsa
  • Merengue
  • Ceroc
  • Slow Swing
  • Modern Waltz
  • Old Time Waltz
  • Rockabilly
  • Cha Cha
  • Rumba
  • Line Dance
  • Lindy Line Dance

Bonus: The Line Dance and Lindy Line Dances have a Chair or Sitting Dance Version, specially created to enable less mobile people join in the fun of dancing – view the Lady Video for demonstrations.

Features of Dancer:
  • The animated black footsteps glow red when they move to their new position on the floor – just follow them with your feet!
  • Test out 14 different dance styles by trying the basic move for each one.
  • Separate Man and Lady footstep patterns.
  • Three tempos. Start with the slow tempo, and when confident progress to the medium tempo. Finally dance to the fast tempo, which varies with each dance, to match the tempo at which each style is typically danced to.
  • The teacher’s Voiceover, which helps guide you, can be muted.
  • The Metronome beat for the 3 different tempos can also be muted.
  • While muted, the teachers words remain written on the screen.
  • Each dance style has its own Notes page providing:
  • Coaching points
  • The couple position for dancing with your partner.
  • Recommended music with which to practise your newly found dancing skills.
  • A brief history of the dance.

Twenty years of experience teaching dance has taught us that people differ in how they learn. Some learn by watching, some by foot patterns, some by moving to spoken words, while others appreciate the metronome beat. In this smart App we have put all these learning tools in the palm of your hand.