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In 2001 Dennis Klumpp relocated FJ Rock & Roll to King Island, Bass Strait, to join his soul mate Peta. The hurly-burly of Sydney was swapped for life on a windswept island in the path of the Roaring 40s, where a beautiful wild coastal wilderness contrasts with rich farmland, producing world famous cheeses and succulent beef. King Island is a great place for a holiday, and you could book a dance lesson with us! Our dance studio overlooks the ocean.

Dennis and Peta shocked the locals at their community wedding in the town hall, where, after the wedding waltz, Peta stripped to a mini skirt and they performed an acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll dance routine. The Islanders thought " If Dennis can teach Peta to dance, then he can teach us! "

A series of successful dance courses followed, each finishing with a lively graduation party. The island will never be the same again - dancers of all ages have come out of the woodwork, including a three generation family. We frequently provide dance entertainment at many local functions, choreographing our own dancing routines in Rock 'n' Roll, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Balboa, Charleston, Slow Swing, Ceroc and Triples.

We have conducted workshops around Australia, and taught Lindy Rock in 2004 at the Wintersun festival. Unfortunately Peta's ill-health in recent years has severely limited our travelling and dancing.

Dennis began dancing as a mature age student, and quickly developed a passion for acrobatic rock 'n' roll, culminating in the production of Australia's first Rock 'n' Roll lift work video, which has sold worldwide. Six first class dance DVDís, featuring Dennis, are now available.

Dennis has travelled to England and Europe for lessons, and to the United States to learn Lindy Hop and the American Swing style from the famous Frank Manning and Erin Stevens. A highlight was performing acrobatic rock 'n' roll at Disneyland. Dennis has won many dance trophies around Australia and overseas.

Sadly Peta passed away from a 6 year battle with Ovarian cancer early 2014. I would like to thank the dance community for your well wishes, kind words, and prayers, at this time of enormous grief for myself and my extended family.
For 14 years Peta was my wife, soul-mate, friend, lover, mentor and confidant; she has left me a wonderful legacy of love and shared projects that will sustain me well into the future.

My blessing to our friends and acquaintances, and fellow dancers out there that have supported our site over the years, is the wish that they know, as I do, that I was truly loved, valued and respected by Peta and will be with her again one day.
Yours sincerely, Dennis xox